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Bible Reading


This month we are reading the Book of Joshua. Beginning Monday January 14, the goal is to read two chapters a day -- finish the book of Joshua in two weeks. It's OK if you miss a day or two -- let us try to finish the book by January 31, 2019.



Try to carve out daily time to pray to God. It can be in the morning or at night. We can start at 2 minutes, then grow to 15 minutes or longer. The goal is to set aside all the time you need each day to pray to God -- just to be in his presence.



Trust that as you read the Bible and pray that God is with you -- that he loves you and has a plan for your life.



Let us praise God for all that he is done. It does not matter if we are in a storm or basking in the sun -- God deserves our praise!

Walk or Run it Out


If you are new to exercise, talk to a doctor first to make sure you can work out. I am not a fitness trainer or a medical professional. I recommend that you walk or run for at least 20 minutes, three times a week.

The Fruit


When we work to become physically and spiritually fit, we can better serve God. The word of God fills us and matures us and the exercise helps to improve our health and focus.